Delivering Work Safely in Photos and Videos

ABC chapters are strongly encouraged to identify a construction safety expert on their staff or from a member company who is willing to review construction-related photos and videos to ensure they do not violate safety rules and guidance.

At ABC, our commitment to world-class safety is absolute. We believe that all incidents on construction jobsites are preventable and will continue to be a leading voice promoting world-class safety practices in the industry.

Before using any photos or videos on your website, social media, marketing materials and communications, please review the following guidelines to ensure that your subject is following ABC’s safety best practices and complying with OSHA rules:


The following personal protective equipment is required when on a jobsite: hardhat, industrial safety glasses with side shields, boots and high-visibility vest (plus gloves if doing actual construction work and earplugs if around loud noise, such as heavy equipment, power tools, etc.)


Personal fall-arrest systems and equipment, including approved harnesses and lanyards that are properly worn and used, are required when someone is working at height (over 6 feet) or in a lift/hoist.


Guardrails are required on any vertical building under construction where the fall hazard is greater than 6 feet; a guardrail system should include a top rail, mid rail and toe board (ex.: 2”x4” lumber) or debris netting, to prevent unintended falling objects.


Vertical rebar that is knee height or below must have a plastic cap or be covered with a 2”X4.”


In general, jobsites should be tidy/organized, so keep an eye out for potential trip/fall hazards.


Equipment/roadway paths must be properly marked with tape or barricades to delineate between roadway and personnel areas.


No hand-made hoists or structures are allowed.


Anyone on a ladder must have three points of contact (e.g., two feet and one hand).


Welders must wear a full helmet, and anyone cutting/grinding must be wearing a face shield that meets ANSI Z87.1; safety glasses must also be worn under all helmets and/or face shields if visible.


Equipment/vehicle operators must be wearing a seatbelt while driving and no mobile device (cell phone, tablet) should be visible/within hand’s reach.


Ensure your images are in compliance with local, state and federal guidance on masks and social distancing.

ABC’s general counsel maintains a list of state masking orders.

Questions to ask yourself before you begin:

✓ Do you own the picture or video?
✓ If you bought it online, did you purchase it for the purpose at hand, and how many uses do you have?
✓ Is it safe? Does the image or video follow the ABC Safety Guidelines?
✓ Is it merit shop construction site?

For additional construction guidance, consult the OSHA and CDC websites.

Got a question? Not sure if you are following the guidelines?
Contact the Brand Team